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Below is a selection of our software items that are directly related to Bible Codes. Individual items are available either on CD or by "Instant Download". All products are written for Window's based PCs, but will run well on Mac computers that have either the 'Virtual PC' or 'Boot Camp' software installed.

CodeFinder Millennium Edition: Bible Code Software
CodeFinder Millennium Edition: Bible Code Software for Windows.
Independently rated as the world's #1 Bible Code Software, CodeFinder Millennium Edition combines ease of use with unmatched power and speed. Within minutes of installation you can be searching for hidden Bible Codes in English, Hebrew or Greek. Just select your search text, enter your terms, hit the search button and await your results.
Visit the main CodeFinder Information Page for a lot more details about this software.
See how to perform a simple English search with this software.
Read an independent review on the CodeFinder Millennium Edition software.
US$67.95 + $4.00 p&h.
US$47.95 Save $24 over the CD

Music from the Torah
Music from the Torah: Bible Music Software for Windows.
This unique program is an offshoot from mainstream Bible Code Research. By feeding the Hebrew text of the Bible through a user configurable music sequencer some very interesting and melodic results can be obtained. The software has many useful options that assist you in preparing the best music and it is capable of producing some amazing results.
The CD version of the program comes complete with, three full CD quality, sample audio tracks.
Note: Your PC will need a sound card in order to listen to the output of this software.
Visit the main Music from the Torah information page for more details about this software.
Listen to a short postprocessed sample of a melody generated by this software.
Visit The Utterance, a group that used this software as the basis for their music project.
US$29.95 + $4.00 p&h.
US$17.95 Save $14 over the CD


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