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Welcome to the information page for the CodeFinder Millennium Edition Bible Code software. With the CodeFinder software you can search for Bible Codes in English, Greek and Hebrew scriptures, allowing you to finally answer the question: 'Is my name in the Bible Codes'.

Introducing CodeFinder 'Millennium Edition' Bible Code Software

CodeFinder Millennium Edition is the world's fastest and most powerful Bible Code Software. It has enough features to keep the experts happy whilst retaining ease of use for the novice. It has been independently rated as the World's #1 Bible Code Software and has been used for many presentations in TV documentaries and books about the Bible Code.

CodeFinder runs on all current versions of Microsoft Windows, from WIndows 98 to Windows 10. It will even run on Macintosh computers that are installed with either Virtual Windows or 'Boot Camp'. As of this update a native version for Mac OS X is in the late stages of development.

The CodeFinder Millennium Edition Bible Code Software comes complete with texts in English, Greek and Hebrew allowing searches in in any of those three languages. A full tutorial and comprehensive online help are included with the software. Take a quick look through a simple English example to see just how easy it is to use CodeFinder.

CodeFinder is available from us either on CD or by Instant Download. Delivery by Download is fast, secure and offers a significant saving over the CD. Download Now and be searching for your own hidden Bible Codes in just a few minutes time.

US$67.95 + $4.00 p&h.
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CodeFinder Main Features

This is a list of some of the main features of the CodeFinder Millennium Edition Bible Code software.

  • Comprehensive Tutorial. Step by Step Instructions for using the CodeFinder Bible Code software.
  • Generates Detailed Reports of your findings.
  • Automatic determination of the best matrix, saving many hours over manual searching.
  • Dual Language Operation. Never again need Hebrew or Greek be a problem
  • Built in Hebrew Date and Number Conversion Utilities.
  • High Speed, 'Optimal Search Sequence' Algorithm, with full result caching.
  • Search in Hebrew, Greek and English Scriptures.
  • Scripture display with English Translation.
  • Look for up to 500 terms per search.
  • On Screen Virtual Keyboard for ease of Greek and Hebrew character input.
  • User Maintainable Dictionaries for Greek and Hebrew.
  • Export and Import of Search Results.  Carry on where you left off on the last search.
  • Multiple Matrix Determination Methods.
  • Matrix Printout and Save to File capabilities.
  • Comprehensive On-Line and Context Sensitive Help.
  • Many configurable parameters for the advanced user.

Some Bible Code History

Rabin Matrix On 1st September 1994 Michael Drosnin passed a letter to a close friend of the then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.  It stated that the name Yitzhak Rabin was crossed by the term assassin that will assassinate in a matrix he had found in the Hebrew Torah.  Tragically, on the 4th November 1995 Yitzhak Rabin was indeed assassinated and the phenomenon of the "The Bible Code" became a worldwide sensation.

This, post processed, matrix shows where the term 'Yitzhak Rabin' is crossed by 'assassin will assassinate', beginning in Deuteronomy chapter 2 verse 33.

The CodeFinder Millennium Edition Bible Code Software has many more features than that used by Drosnin, along with a speed and power unmatched by any other product. With CodeFinder Millennium Edition you can take over from where Drosnin left off, discovering new hidden codes, in a variety of Hebrew, Greek or English Scriptures, faster and easier than ever before. 


Here are a few links to tutorial information to help you get started with the software.

More Information

For a lot more information, including many matrices, please see our other Bible Code Software site.
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About the Software

CodeFinder Millennium Edition version 1.23 is the world's fastest and most powerful Bible Code software. It comes complete with a full tutorial and a selection of English, Greek and Hebrew scriptures in which you can search for Bible Codes.

A post-processed view of the "John Kennedy Executed" matrix is shown in the above artwork. This begins in Mark 6 verse 18 and finishes in Luke 1 verse 8. CodeFinder users can freely download this file and use it as the basis for further research. This particular matrix shows a lot more detail when expanded.